Season 7 (part 1) – Legacy

Season 7

Dramatic Structure:

Season 7 has 3 areas of concern:

Let’s take a look at its…


In season 1, the connection theme was expressed as “identity.”
In season 3, the connection theme was expressed as “power.”
In season 5, the connection theme was expressed as “family.”

Season 7’s connection theme:


We usually see two types of legacy:

  • Descending Legacy
  • Ancestral Legacy

That’s basically legacy, going in both directions.


This refers to the legacy a character leaves for their descendants.

The 7th and final season of The West Wing.

The Bartlet Administration is coming to an end, and in their final year the staff is consumed by what their legacy will be. How much more can they accomplish before they run out of time? How can they best leave their mark before it’s all over? What shape will they leave the county in for the next administration?

This is a big theme for the season and some definite “descending legacy.”


This refers to the legacy a character inherited.

The 7th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“The Slayer” is a mantel that Buffy has inherited. It’s a legacy. The Slayer memories and strength are passed down from generation to generation. This legacy, and its roots, are the main focus of the season. Particularly, how The First Evil is trying to destroy it.

Legacy moves in both directions. When crafting your story for season 7, you want to incorporate at least one. Or do both, why not? Buffy did.

At the end of season 7, Buffy shares her inherited power with every potential Slayer in the world. She passes the power on to the next generation all at once. It was her ancestral legacy, and now she is sharing it with her descendants.

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