Story Shamans Podcast – Episode 7 – Spartacus




  • What’s Kubrick’s Spartacus?
    Stanley Kubrick put out a flick about Spartacus back in 1960. Check out the trailer here.
  • On Andy’s passing and Liam taking over the role of Spartacus.
  • You’ll continually hear us refer to the seasons of this show with numbers:

    Blood and Sand = season 1.
    Gods of the Arena = season 0.
    Vengeance = season 2.
    War of the Damned = season 3.

    Chronological progression of the story inside the narrative:
    (0) Gods of the Arena
    (1) Blood and Sand
    (2) Vengeance
    (3) War of the Damned

    Release order of the seasons to the audience:
    (1) Blood and Sand
    (0) Gods of the Arena
    (2) Vengeance
    (3) War of the Damned

  • Rome did eventually fall for a variety of reasons.
  • Spartacus Tribute (by Zurik23M):
  • Recasting Naevia

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