Welcome to Story Shamans

Welcome welcome welcome — to Story Shamans!

Professor Bones, and Dr. Bones, at your service.

Our aim is to assist you on your path to true mastery of storytelling.

We’ll be tackling everything. The what, the why, the how.


  • What is it exactly?
  • Why does it matter?
  • How do you do it?

From there, we’ll be delving in deep.

Covering juice, rock, the cubbies, the seven seasons, episodic three phase, and everything that spirals out of these ideas.

“What are these? What are you talkin’ about??”

Calm down Animals! We’re gettin’ there.

All the details are on their way — like a smoldering shooting star, headed straight for your cerebellum.

Get ready!


First. You must shed your skin. Here in the realm of story, you are neither man nor woman…

You are an Animal.

Which beast speaks to your nature, out there in the ether? Give it voice. Give it a name. For this animal shall guide you through your journey with us here.

Choose wisely. And take your seat around the campfire.

Let’s get started…