Shamans Credo

Here at Story Shamans we have one goal: to reveal the secrets of storytelling.

To take the threads of told-stories and weave them around you, disrobing your life and exposing the beating heart beneath.

When you remove the pretensions, when you pierce past the ego… it’s stories all the way down, Animals.

Story is life. And life is story.

Peer with us now into the dark and find yourself staring back. Your true self. The animal inside.

We are here to make the elusive, known. To qualify the misunderstood. To teach the unteachable.

We will pull stories apart, piece by piece. Displaying the system beneath.

But we cannot stop at “how.” We must push past to what truly informs – what needs to be known: “why?”

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about storytelling is here at your fingertips.

Reach out and squeeze it.

-The Bones Brothers.

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